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We can customize a system just for your application.

Welcome to Al Arabiah

We design systems that use just a single piece of equipment, systems that use multiple different pieces of packaging equipment or systems that use multiple pieces of the same type of machinery. Most often, we creates a system with primary packaging machines, secondary packaging machines and tertiary packaging machines. Primary machines perform the initial packaging of the product; secondary packaging machines are used to group all the single packages into one larger package, and tertiary packaging machines are used to load a bulk amount of packages for distribution purposes.

Types of Packaging Equipment: In order to address the variety of packaging needs, there is a wide variety of packaging equipment types. Categorized by the method used to package products, the main types include Mixing tanks, filling machines, sealing machines, Labeling machine and shrink packaging machines.

Our Features

Having listened to your wishes, our architects and designers will get to work, putting together the overall concept of the project, finding the best planning solutions and smoothly combining functionality with harmony. As to your engineering equipment, our architects will adopt the most modern ideas, making the use of every item very comfortable, whatever its purpose. Over the time Skywaves Project-Services has worked in Qatar, it has successfully and fruitfully cooperated with both well-known and young yet talented architects. Following our key principle, respect for clients and their choices, we are also prepared to work with ready-made designs.
Our company engineers learned are experienced and continued to learn working on company projects. We have classicists and minimalists and what brings them together is the ability to create residential, commercial etc building that will not go out of date, cozy and filling one's dream with harmony.
We always try to select the best items, what does not mean that we offer ready-made solutions. If you or the designer feel that a work of yours will not be complete without a particular element, we will immediately order the item and have it express-delivered.
We employ people with every construction skill, including mechanical and electrical engineers; piping, air conditioning, ventilation and heating professionals as well as experienced foremen with training.