Stainless Steel Fabrication

Loading Ramp (Moveable or fixed). Safety Bollards. Stainless Steel Frames & Structures. Mild Steel Frames & Structures. Dished End. Plate Forming. Conical Forming. Shearing & Bending. Dome.

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Al Arabiah Industrial Equipment & Machines Manufacturing LLC manufactures steel trolleys for offering easy mobility and flexibility. These are designed with strong and sturdy material. The trolley contains a solid frame to transport heavy tools or gear that makes the trolley lightweight. Therefore, it becomes easier to drag the trolley without much effort. The steel trolley is designed with excellent anti-tipping dynamics to ensure maximum stability.

Steel Pallets

Al Arabiah Industrial Equipment & Machines Manufacturing LLC Steel Pallets are well-built and come with a longer lifetime. Our Steel Pallets are manufactured exclusively in United Arab Emirates. Our expert engineers are designing steel pallets keeping quality control. Our skilled team uses high tensile strength steel for Steel Pallets, and the latest computer technology is used to attain the exact dimension required by the client.

Silos, Storage & Mixing Tanks

Al Arabiah Industrial Equipment & Machines Manufacturing LLC. is one of the reputed fabrication companies engaged in the manufacturing and installation of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel storage tanks for Lubricants, Petrol, Perfume Alcohol and Water tanks. A) Lube Oil Storage Tanks. B) Skid Mounted Storage Tanks. C) Vertical Storage Tanks. D) Horizontal Storage Tanks. E) Polypropylene Chemical Storage Tanks. F) Silos for cement storage. G) Grain Storage Silos.

Pipe Line Works

HDPE fuel piping. High pressure water piping. GI or PP pipeline for compressed air. Steel piping. Trunking works.

Manufacturing of Different types Filling Machinery

Fully Servo Oil Filling Machine. Piston Type Break Fluid Oil Filling Machine. Flow Meter Type Liquid Filling Machine. Bottle Tracking Filling Machine. Perfume Filling Machine. Cosmetics Filling Machine. Detergents Filling Machine. Acid Filling Machine.

Capping Machinery

Automatic Single Head Capping machine. Semi Automatic Capping Machine. Linear Capping Machine.

Labeling Machines

Double Side Labeling Machine. Double Side and Wraparound Labeling Machine. Top side Labeling machine. Bottom Labeling Machine. Corner Labeling Machine.

Overwrapping Machine

Manual 1head Overwrapping Machine Manual 2head Overwrapping Machine Manual 3heads Overwrapping Machine Manual Overwrapping Machine With BOPP Holder.

Collection Table And Packing Table

Infeed Turn Table 1200mm Dia Infeed Turn Table 1000mm Dia Infeed Turn Table 900mm Dia Collection Turn Table 1200mm Dia Collection Turn Table 1000mm Dia Collection Turn Table 900mm Dia Stainless Steel Packing Table 2000x1000x850mm Customized SS Packing Table

Conveyor System

Straight Chain Conveyor. Swerve Chain Conveyor: Straight Belt Conveyor. L shaped Belt Conveyor. Modular Belt Conveyor. Roller Conveyor. Heavy duty Conveyors.